Donate to Nonprofits,
Get More Sales Meetings

Increase pipeline and ROI while building
real connections through social impact

Boost your meeting acceptance rate with personalized donation offers and scheduling automation

Share your charitable booking link

Create social impact pages combining scheduling automation and support for nonprofits and do good while meeting for business.  

Offer donations as a way to stand out

Automate personalized messages with donation offers to get the attention of hard-to-meet business leaders and decision-makers.

Change business meetings  for good

Raise money for nonprofits out of sales and marketing budget and get  more qualified meetings at the same time.

Create a Booking Page

Use Donations as Warm Intros in Sales Outreach

Send caring messages and personalized donation offers to prospects that are 2x - 5x more likely to get a response.

Build credibility and create deeper connections through sales meetings that double as mini nonprofit fundraisers.

Get more meetings at up to 85% of the cost of cold outreach while doing good.  

Sales & Marketing budget approved
Corporate Social Responsibility budget approved


response rate on meeting requests when combined with nonprofit donation offers


agree building a personal or human connection with their buyers and customers has become increasingly important in closing sales.


of corporate leaders believe that employees expect them to provide opportunities to engage in the community.


of buyers are more likely to purchase from companies that are making a positive impact.

Creating value for the customer, positively impacting society, and inspiring positive change are the three top reasons impacting an organization’s purpose.

What Our Users Are Saying
Stories from Satisfied Professionals
Ron Stevens

I love how this networking platform allows me to support nonprofits while connecting with business leaders. It's an incredible way to make a difference and expand my network.

Michelle Pearson

I never expected to connect with my prospects in this way. Truly a game changer for getting meetings with top prospects who never respond.

Mark Davis

The emotional factor of philanthropy combined with the power of networking makes this platform truly exceptional. It's a refreshing approach that sets it apart from other solutions.

Natasha Rose

I'm closing deals twice as fast and bonding with my clients. I love when donations are made to children's causes and get the goose bumps every time I get a giv meeting.

Ally Bergen

I am able to connect with my prospects so easily now. I am able to build stronger relationships and build credibility faster than before using giv.

Jerry Ramirez

I have incorporated giv into my daily workflow. Achieving social impact while reaching my sales goals has never been easier.

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Customer Name

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Customer Name

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