Ads are lame,
Donations are cool

Use charity and personalization to get sales meetings

Stand out with social impact

Use your giv booking page to form deeper connections

  • Target key accounts with differentiation
  • Personalize donation offers to build credibility
  • Schedule meetings with seamless automation
  • Measure and track campaign ROI
  • Manage donation spend budgets across reps

Reduce sales cycles while making lasting impressions

Accelerate relationships and close deals 2x faster

Big contracts take a long time and are expensive to convert.

Be authentic in your approach.

Send personalized messages combined with donation offers to get you in the door faster.

Connect with prospects through personalized giving

Scale account-based marketing (ABM) strategies with a soft approach

Share why you support nonprofits.

Learn more about causes important to your prospects before jumping into business.

Establish deeper connections through our nurturing tool that automates meeting bookings and puts CSR goals first.

Join to make social impact part of every meeting  

Transform sales meetings and relationships

Meet for business and
make a difference

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